Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yeah, you

Euphoria sounds

The greatest thing about the internet is getting the BBC Listen again function.
Two shows on BBc London that are essential:

Danny Baker, a god among broadcasters. Music taste is a touch dodgy but easily a show of pure entertainment. Barely a dud show, and somehow gettingthe best stories from his listeners.
Compare that to singapore radio where the DJs are so cack handed they can barely prise a basic dedication fromcallers.

The there is Norman Jay's Giant 45. Euphoria music. Heavy on the disco, as exemplified by the theme tune Disco Lucy. Cheese, well matured and to be savoured. Music as a one shot cure-all, without causing drowsiness.

He doesnt visit Singapore often enough, but a still have fond meories of he and his brother dropping Sir Duke to an instant cheer followed by lots of feet churningthe sand on Siloso Beach on night years ago
Get listening here

SPECIAL TREAT OH YES: The mp3 of Disco Lucy, the discofied I Love Lucy theme by The Wilton Place Street Band right here

Go to WFMU's latest 365 days mp3 project for more audio sickness

Cloverfield=Gojira Pt2

The movie that nobody really knows about has had new trailers up. Best one is one

Speculation is rife. Its definitely a monster.
Is this fan art or actual concept art

For those that examine these things closely, The best view so far of whatever attacks NYC is this, kindly supplied by Travis W Howard on the MillarWorld boards.

Its the back of something huge and green.

In fact, and I quote from the ancient texts up from the depths, 30 storeys high, breathes fire, his head in the sky. It all fits folks.

I cannot wait to see this film. So very cool. But then this has its moments (until the 15sec mark.


Zombies just wont die. Ahahahahahahahahah shaddap.
I even recently bought a DVD called Fido, a zombie spoof of 50's Lassie films. Just that the dog is replaced with a zombie.
Anyway, I wrote a sidebar to a spread I devised for Resident Evil about zombie fashion. And that was a very bad sentence.
Anyway. In a different format to how they appeared in the paper is Elvis, the nurse and surf dude.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blast from my past

You know, I used to look pretty much like this in the mid 90s. No really.Hair colour especially.

Its one of those occasion my current self would go back in time and shake my younger self out of it but yeah.
That could easily be me back then.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Samurainimals (do you see what I did there)

Four stages of a creation.
Okayish idea 'Catoichi' a blind samurai cat

Diverted ink version that looks oddly like a rat

To ditching the original idea for something altogether cuter

And then....Cuter still...argh! I'm gonna be sick

Showing off

Yup. Time to show off. In 2004 I went on the Kill Bill Vol2 junket.
Met and interviewed the stars.
In short Michael Madsen : Great bloke
DarryL Hannah : Surprisngly Hot
David Carradine: huh
Quentin Trantino: As excited as he is on the tv
Using my recording technology I took time during the interviews to do sketches of the folks. Darryl Hannah thought hers was "Rad". One better, and with more proof is Quentin himself who signed the sketch of him.
Currently sits in what is now my lucky junket sketchbook along with signed sketches of Neil Gaiman.Enough namedropping for one post I reckon