Monday, February 23, 2009

The BIG match

Real Madrid v The Mighty Liverpool on Thursday morning S'pore time.
Can Former Spurs coach Juande Ramos Beat incumbant Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez. Its the battle of the Spaniards.
I hope Liverpool decimate them. After an unconvincing draw against Man City, my team needs to hammer Real to prove themselves to both leagues. Well thats the news in cliche terms anyway


\This is a test for an upcoming piece for the paper.
That's me in the dog outfit, and Kel from Rocketraygun is the one telling me off.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

From the dusty files: Catface and Boffin pt2

Second week of the run. From 8th-13th August 2005. Thought that might be it so it ends on a cliffhanger of certain death. But as Mr Pacino says in Godfather 3 "Just when I thought I was out..."
As before
Copyright: The New Paper/ SPH LTD

From the dusty files: Catface and Boffin pt1

These were strips that appeared in The New Paper in 2005.
Made me realise just how hard it is pushing out a strip on a daily basis.
Even harder making it close to amusing. Amusing is great, funny is a miracle.
This is week one from 1st-6th August 2005.
Copyright: The New Paper/SPH Ltd

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From the dusty files: Its an Ape Ape Ape Ape World

From a Sunday strip for the paper from waaaaaaaaay back.
The cricket one is still my phone picture, though the Kane one gets more reaction

From the dusty files: Football managers of the Premiership

From a feature on managers and their special techniques.
Tried a Sean Philips style here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

From the dusty files: Atomik Mike poster

Od one this. Basically put this forward for the indie title Atomik Mike (its about a space monkey, I was naturally attracted) after a request for posters of the character.
Think this was the first fully digital painting I did.
They said they'd send me a comp copy of the book, but it never got here. Ah well. Tempted to get a copy from Amazon just to see if it made it.

From the dusty files: Chewy and Homer

The grandest collaboration ever.
Look how earnest Chewy is. Whatever he's singing, he MEANS it maaan.
Homer has a look of angelic beatitude, as though heaven itself was blowing a trombone of love through him.
How could you not want to hear this.


NB. That Homer has been with me over a decade now. He has 'SCIENCE' written across his tummy Thug Life style

Friday, February 13, 2009

Batman 3 redone...

Almost screwed this one up. Not the art but just the timing. Almost busted a deadline. Thank the Lord for vector illustrations. You may welll recognise the batman from a couple of posts down. Yep, Adobe illustrator saved my bacon.
Batman 3 rumours and speculation. Came out just intime to catch Christopher Nolan revealing that he'll be working on Inception, sci-fi film coming out in 2010. That means absolutely no Batman till 2011 at the earliest.
Anyway the piece was about that, the realism of Batman begins and Dark Knight (which i cant help pronouncing Kiniggit, like the knights that say Ni) preventing a super crossover, and finally, specualtion over the prime roles.
Thanks to a previous version not saving properly this, along with the text which can be found at the TNP website, became literally all in a days work.
See if you can guess who's who. The clue is, I've met one of them

Monday, February 9, 2009

Little Jethead and Twitter

That was Little Jethead, which was invented while trying to create my good friend STewart's birthday card. Sadly, the card was on Facebook graffitia and combination of fate and firewalls robbed Stewart of his card.

Anyway. I'm also on Twitter now. Trying it out, though it's only really interesting to see what Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross are up to. Care to see what I'm thinking? Follow the link on the right, under Twitter bix

Friday, February 6, 2009

Why so serious about Batman and Bale

This week Christian Bale got in the news for getting very angry at a guy who was ruining the scene he was in. Bale is often portrayed as very intense, very method about his work.
Yeah, well if more people took their work seriously then the world would be wonderful. Bale does take it a bit further than is probably good for everyone but I kinda admiore the dedication.
When I (get ready for the clang) interviewed Mr Bale for Batman Begins he was a laid back personable chap. Able to take a joke, have a laugh etc etc. But it was also clear he takes his work seriously, like how he keeps up whatever accent he's doing on and off the set (his rant does fluctuate accents wildly like Richard Harris at the end of his scenes in Unforgiven).
Anyway, in related news I'm working on a piece about what next for Batman 3 (or Dark Knight 2 if you like) and what villain will Christopher Nolan, if its him taking the reigns, will go for.
And that's the reason for today's scribble.
Here it is again with an outline... No reason, just scribbling.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Dark Side of Hanna Babera

Yep. Finally the Draw-Off was completed. Fuzz's Captain Caveman is my favourite just for sheer Steadmanese-explosiveness alone. Also like Kel's Penelope Pitstop. Looks like her main peril there is meth addiction.
Next one is...Possibly presidential, or possibly not

Speaking of Hanna-Barbera characters having a dark side, none of us realised the true darkness. The Flinstones used to push cigarettes.

Have to thank Ivan for alerting me to this and other cartoon darkness

Monday, February 2, 2009

Look at this: Neil Gaiman flash story

Not a lewd parkland dirty mac tale of Singapore's favourite author but the first installment of the "Look at this" installments.
I found this sweet little version of Neil Gaiman's "The Day The Saucers Came".
Go read it here . Just press the arrows to flip the page

Sweet is the best way to describe it, but the concept is one that I reckon could be explored further (Spoiler: Various invasions clashing with each other, the petty squabbling between invaders, the anger at being double booked.)