Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shaved Wookie

or Chewbacca in the nude

PS 'Shaved Wookie' also make great replacement words for 'Brown Sugar' in the Rolling Stones of the same name

New Blog Toys

I just added this below


Question is, will we get another country other than Singapore?
Lets watch....

Ahhh, I'm bored of watching. Lets play Hungry Hungry Hippo's

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Not as bad as everyone is making out. In fact, great fun.
Pitt and Clooney are just about the two most watchable
actors on the planet. Great timing. Just check out the Oprah moment.

Ocean's is now in Columbo territory. As in its not what the outcome will be,
you just enjoy the jouney getting there. Even the cinematic jinx that is Eddie Izzard was okay.

Only problem I had is that the soundtrack seemed less inspired this time. But its David Holmes
and one of his soundtracks is stratospherically better than most others

The best thing is the way Soderburgh films. The saturation of colours, the angles, the cutting.
After the lame release for 12, can we get a decent DVD for 13? Maybe an Ocean's Boxset?

Ladies of the might

Two superpowered Ladies from another Millarworld competition.
Sue Storm is delibratley Cheesecake without looking like Alba.
This picture is also a lesson in not just concentraing on the character but also the surroundings.
She was meant to be stood in a Kirby style Fantasticar. What it actually looks like is that she's stood in a huge toilet bowl.
I'm sure Freud would have a field day.

She Hulk is a sketch of someone else that went wrong.
And not much moire to say about it. Except the eyes are wonky.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Puny bloggers..


The classics

If someone did this nowadays it would be looked down on as a cruel joke.
But its genuine. Wre the writers in those days really more innocent or were they sniggering at what they got away with.

At this point should get an honourable mention

Comics Fun

This is from an age back, but Marvel put out a blank
varient cover out for the Death Of Captain America.
So a bunch of us set to making our own covers in the space.

Et voila., All you need to know about Marvel's Civil War

I know, I know. The art is a work of staggering beauty. Please, no tears...