Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Robot Penguin

Something I did for my penguin obsessed girlfriend

Best not ask

How could any woman resist such an invitation?
Who came up with this? "Daniel, we thought of going with a fur fetish sex-deviant look for this album"

Mo' OLD STUFF pt5: Awwwwwwww!

Mo' OLD STUFF pt4: Bad film, nice work (II)

The multiple Razzie winner Catwoman.
A nice chance to doodle in pencil and create some potentially great characters.

Gotta love Nudisto.

once again.....
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Mo' OLD STUFF pt3: Bad film, nice work (I)

Alien Vs Predator. Shonky film but nice oppo to do that gag about movie monsters being incredibly posh and 'lovey dahling' actors.
Idea had been brewing for a while. Just needed the right film to come along.
The mock interview, in which they campily bitch at each other was a chance to use all the Round The Horne/Julian And Sandie training. Worryingly easy to write.
The tuxedo bodies are me. The faces not as much.
Advantage of doing it for a crap film, it can die on its arse and nobody notices. Film promotion people are happy just to get their awful product featured.

Best add....
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Mo' OLD STUFF Pt2: Animal Planet

Does this need explaining?
The fact its from 4 years ago fills me with horror

Mo' OLD STUFF Pt1: Why Pitt?

Looking through the old stuff on a harddrive.

The candid photo (and in no way doctored, oh no) shows the moment Angelina Jolie realised the inevitable. Those could be tears of joy?

However, for some reason she decided to cheat fate by going off with some actor bloke who has nothing more going for him than his talent, lots of money and being one of the best looking people on the planet.

Crazy. She'll come around I'm sure


Is 'Epic' french for crap?
Its stunning that for all the anti-piracy ads "You wouldnt steal a handbag" etc they show at the cinemas, this film gets through.
It is theft. Daylight robbery.
Spoofing 'serious' films like Harry Potter, X-Men, Narnia etc (okay, not serious but theyre not comedys) is fine. Fair target.
But this film and its predecessor Date Movie spoof comedy films.
I dont get it. Either the makers are idiots or they're just riding on someone elses material.
They watch other comedy acts and say "Nice joke, I'll take that". But in the case of a Character like Napoleon Dynamite or Borat, they just rip it off wholesale.
Having someone come in, dress like Borat and do Borat's catchphrases is ripping off Sacha Cohen's work.
Then theres trying to make fun of comedy characters.

80's TV was full of impressionists who did impressions of other comedy characters, repeated their jokes and built careers out of it. It was crap then and its crap now.

Stop piracy now. (There should be some techno industrial music around that. Just imagine it)

Can't Stand it, I know you Planned it...

You probably cant tell from the picture, but thats the Beastie Boys playing at Fort Canning.
Yet another 'To Do' item is crossed off the list. Life is good.

Things you cant tell from the photo.
They came on in Ska/Rude boy outfits
Mike D's (doing a handstand on keyboards) hair is real big. Hasslehoff style.
Theyre playing Sabotage.

Lots of white people shouldnt dance. Certainly not pretend theyre in some rap video while doing it.
Bad Dancing should be about laughing and falling over, not PDiddy impressions. Then again, he cant dance either.

I shall start dance-police to stop this scourge. It shall be stopped via either a friendly hand-on-the-shoulder quiet word in the ear to the preferable full-on baton charge and tear gas.

Me? I am, of course the greatest dancer. And I rock the dancefloor (or grass) everytime
Thats by the by.

The Beastie Boys in Singapore. Yes. Mile-wide smiles all round.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Guess who

Guess the superhero depicted here.
Its for a small contest over at millarworld but i dont think its what they had in mind....

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Oldish but goodish

Freddy Vs Jason. Bad film but some of the art I did for the
coverage is some of my favourite. fun with Pshop manipulation.
heres a dollop...