Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Really old stuff: Pt4 Dog headed people

A variation on the animals. Who doesnt like dog-headed people.
Partially influenced by Jeff Noon's novel Pollen.

Best one is probably the dalmation woman in the evening gown.

Really old stuff :Pt3 Cute anymuls

The retreat of anyone who cant draw human faces. Animals are so much easier.
These are from all over the late 90s. Horses and Monkeys a speciality folks.
Now as before...

I'm sure theres more of these things floating about

Really old stuff: Pt2 Heroes

How old? Well its from my graduation show.
Trading cards of my heroes at the time. Yeah, that'll fascinate people. Each was backed by a mini essay, which looking at the set today was full of typos. The start of my journalistic career.
Well, a couple of cards were stolen. Gonzo was taken twice. I think it was Gonzo.
Missing from this set, as i obviously didnt scan the original art at the time (not sure it still exists even)
are Gary Oldman, John Lydon (doubt he'd make the list today), Kylie, and controversially for a Liverpool fan - Eric Cantona.
Lee Marvin didnt make the leap to finished art at the time, so its just the sketch.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Really, I mean really, old stuff

Heres a bunch of crap that i did before my blessed Singapore life
, , ,, , , , ,

more to come...

Mr Harris

If youre wondering what the picture isin the header
its Richard Harris.
To an older generation he's A Man Called Horse
To some he's the Emperor from Gladiator
And to some he's Dumbledore from Harry Potter
To some he's one of the legendary hellraisers, along with Burton, O'Toole and Reed.
The cause of a thousand excellent drunken anecdotes.

If you can get legless, insult everyone, cause mayhem then
wake up in public next to some bins, yet have enough charm
to turn it to your advantage as some marvellous adventure, then eternal fame is yours it seems

This pics from the drunken glory days.
Its a beautiful picture. Its that louche i-see-no-problem attitude
of "Yes, officer, I travelled in the boot. Can I help you?

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Ever seen The Warriors. Some claim its a classic film of the 70s.
To me its way too much like the kids from Fame gone slightly feral.
Not a fan of the film, But there was a redesign competition on Millarworld, so I tried to redesign the Baseball furies.
Hmmm, so so

then i put a sketch of two of the cast. much better.