Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mr Harris

If youre wondering what the picture isin the header
its Richard Harris.
To an older generation he's A Man Called Horse
To some he's the Emperor from Gladiator
And to some he's Dumbledore from Harry Potter
To some he's one of the legendary hellraisers, along with Burton, O'Toole and Reed.
The cause of a thousand excellent drunken anecdotes.

If you can get legless, insult everyone, cause mayhem then
wake up in public next to some bins, yet have enough charm
to turn it to your advantage as some marvellous adventure, then eternal fame is yours it seems

This pics from the drunken glory days.
Its a beautiful picture. Its that louche i-see-no-problem attitude
of "Yes, officer, I travelled in the boot. Can I help you?

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