Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Click above for the best story of last week.
Obviously, she's doing a film, I hope, that involves the walking dead.
It just the way its reported.
Kidman's publicist is quoted in such a way that not only does she believe its all for real, but that its nothing unusual:

"Kidman's publicist, Catherine Olim, said the star was trying to shake zombies off the bonnet of her Jaguar when the car spun off the road.
I think she's OK," said Ms Olim.

YeahTrying to shake zombies off the car...as you do.

Monday, January 29, 2007

That Davey Bond fella

As I wait, wondering when Casino Royale is going to come out on DVD, and how many copies I'm going to buy
Thought I'd post part of my award winning (slow month I guess) Bond spread.

Real shame that doing these film spreads has slowed down. Partly time, partly inclination.
But enough moaning.

The strange thing with this piece was that the more elements on the page, the less it looked like Daniel Craig.
And the likeness was a bit dodgy to start with. Kinda why his face is a tad benign. Any twisted expression it could have looked like Sid James

Here goes with the bond then

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mr Bush (contd..)

And now full composite of the Bushy bit
plus the illustrator cards that accompanied.
Frankly, the cards happened so much better.

MR Bush

Did a piece for the paper.
As ever, the sketches look better than the finished thing.
So, heres the black and white and the full colour of Dubya
Youll notice a shrug and a shorter body.
Thats comes from bad planning.

Full page to come


Click the header and see some youtube wonderful.
If you enjoyed The Queen, and you should, good news director Stephen Frears is up for an Oscar.
In the early eighties though, possibly before Prick Up Your Ears, he directed a short film for The Comic Strip.

Mr Jolly Lives Next Door - booze, escort agents, exploding tonic water, the best game in the world, barmy fluid and facial tattoos that read IVE BEEN UOT WITH NICHOLA PARSONS. And twee UK gameshow legend, Nicholas Parsons.

Some kind soul has uploaded them to you tube in 10 minute segments. Go Get.

Did I mention it has murders to the songs of Tom Jones?

Why 5000?

Why Jonrob5000.
Well, 3000 isnt far enough into the future
and 4000 doesnt excite me enough. Could be a blank in human history.
So 5000 it is.


Click the words OLD STUFF. It links is to my last attempt at a website.
Not much of an attempt, and interest lasted all of an evening.
heres an example...

Ahhh, nostalgia


Honestly, I promise to put more stuff than the two posts I managed at my old account.
So, lets see how this one goes...