Monday, February 11, 2008

More scribble

Random scribbling, more apes

Singapore zoo's iconic orang utan, Ah Meng died on Friday. I can understand the keepers getting upset. Spend any time with apes you can get attached to them. It seemed to affect way too many people. Weird.
Anyway took too doodling apes again. Facially, these guys follow the Frank Cho style. More skeletal than actial ape faces but more expressive, in a cartoon way.
Oh yeah. More apes as Superheroes too

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fabio Capello

Looks better than my atempt at Beckham (that bloke can be a bugger to draw). Capell though is an almost instant caricatature. Done for the sports backpage.
Since you ask, no, I don't agree with his appointment.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Another fruitful meeting

Oh well.

The Ten Doctors

I dont often feature other blogs but this fella is doing exactly the right thing. Creating a comic and putting it online.
Rich's ComixBlog is currently hosting the thoroughly unofficial but thoroughly entertaining Ten Doctors strip.
If you like Doctor Who, you have to check this out, Its the episode that cannot be made (half the cast has died or very, very old), and its got more DW callbacks and cameos than you can shake a stick at.

Its really well written, each Docs personality coming through, but also drawn in a very attractive way. Almost animation style, but keeping the rough pencils. It works so much better than the smoothed out colored versions. He's also managed to capture each Doctors face. Especially the Tom Baker. Anyway. Check it out. At 80-something pages so far it still only looks about halfwaythrough.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

SeaStars and Starfish Stories

It's always nice to have your work thought of as good enough for someone else to use.
So it was pretty cool when Ivan Chew (one half of local duo Starfish Stories) asked me to do the cover for their album.

The background is an actual shot of the cosmos, the dolphin was painted directly in photoshop using various types of added brushes. (thats why I'd be usless at teaching this stuff. My process is still randomness over design)

Anyway, Check out their blog
where you can also download the album and give them your support

And here, as an added bonus is the dolphin, solo

Facebook Graffiti

I dont use it that often but the basic Graffiti package is pretty cool if quite the test of agility. Can't zoom in. Can't really erase. Its like a very, very basic version of photoshop. You have to play with the layering of colour and opacity. Good for a doodle anyway, and at the end you can click replay and watch how your work came to be.
Some of my fellow facebookers have it down to perfection and are well worth visiting the various groups on facebook to checkout.

But here in no particular order are some of mine