Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Beethoven

Helped out with a Jay Chou poster. Much better artists involved but one of my contributions turned out well.Young Jay Chou as Beethoven

Keelo Keelo Fayter

Just been doings a series of art pieces for paid advertorials.
Difficult stuff considering the subject matter. Here are some clack and whites tat I thought turned out better than most.
The fat bloke became increasing camper over time...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Great unused sweet names

This is the flipside of a US Snickers bar (forever Marathon to UK kids of a certain age).
Not since that Starburst advert in the 90s missed the oppourtunity of using the name ChimpChompys has a better candy name been lost to time.

The gorgeous T3

Changi airport, best airport in the world (just ask John Simpson) has recently opened its 3rd terminal. Aka T3. It is a vast thing of beauty.
I managed to get there pre-official opening to wave my girlfriend off on her trip to US. The floors were so polished, unblemished by trolley wheels, giving an almost mirror-like reflection. The ceiling is so high. Its pretty awe inspiring to walk in.

Then there is the oasis of Coffee club, with their luminous orange chairs that shine, and call to the thristy traveller.

And I can't help thinking of the Hilton lounge chairs in 2001. Nice.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Middle aged & sounding hotter than ever

Just reminded on Danny Baker's wonderful Radio London show that the Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows is now 42 years old.
Somehow it still sounds like it was created a year from now.

The track was a true awakening for me. My first 3 cds bought were KLF: White Room, EMF: Schubert Dip and Beatles Revolver.
Yes the Beatles was nice beatlesy stuff. I think I got it for Eleanor Rigby. Then the last track came on.
To sound like some hippie, it was mind blowing. How had this track kept hidden for so long. Nobody ever talked about it. It was over-shadowed by Strawberry Fields and Revolution 9 for Fab Four experimentation.

Go Listen to it. Tell me it isnt the most advanced track you ever heard in your life. I dare ya.
The Chemical brothers (under the guise of Dust Brothers from back in the day mixed it in to their essential selection turning the intro into such a crsendo of a crowd pleaser you wonder why more Djs dont try to use it.

The Master is back

Excellent news. George ARomero, the godfather of the Zombie genre, the man who essentially created the modern zombie flick and who directed the masterful Dawn Of The Dead is back.

The Dead has gone beyond a quadrilogy (its actually a Tetralogy, the q word was invented for the Alien boxset) and become what will no doubt be classed as a quintrilogy (should be pentalogy)

Diary of the Dead takes the great concept of a video diary watching how the zombie apocalypse takes over. very similar to Cloverfield, I guess its like Platoon/Full Metal Jacket. Two distinct films, produced separately but covering similar concepts.

Anyone slightly disappointed with Land of the Dead will probably be pleased that the proposed sequel of following the Battle-Bus has not happened. Watch the trailer and see just how fresh this film looks.

Trailer is here

Just to namedrop, George A Romero is one of my favourite interviews. One of those perks of meeting your heroes and passing the test. He seems wary at first , but if you show you know about the zombie stuff he warms up and its almost like being invited into an exclusive club.
The illustration above is from the LAnd of the Dead spread from a few years back.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Tried doing some direct to Mac art. Gorillas an obvious choice.
Got bored. Turned him into Krypton's Last Simian.

Diddy Nic Cage

I can't stand Nic Cage sometimes. Like most bands will have at least one or two songs you like, Cage has one or two films I enjoy -the Rock, Adaptation and Wild At Heart. The latter being great for him as his character was Elvis obsessed. It was his big break. Sadly, he figures why not repeat the Elvis impersonations everywhere.
Anyway, His hair has reached a point of ridiculousness. Check out the current do. Then look again at his face. Cage isnt really part of the Copolla clan.He's a Dodd if ever there was.
Just me or do the words "Nic Cage is Ken Dodd" sound increasingly plausible?
The proof...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cloverfield detective

Remember that excellent Gif a few posts back that showed a bit of the cloverfield monster passing through the streets of NYC?
Well I studied it a bit and roughed out what the mid-section and thighs look like. First in B/W, then quickly in colour (man, I love photoshop sometimes)
Well I guess it aint Godzilla, unless he's hit the stairmaster, but its big, green stalky and lizard like.
Here it is

And the piece-de-resistance...