Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Master is back

Excellent news. George ARomero, the godfather of the Zombie genre, the man who essentially created the modern zombie flick and who directed the masterful Dawn Of The Dead is back.

The Dead has gone beyond a quadrilogy (its actually a Tetralogy, the q word was invented for the Alien boxset) and become what will no doubt be classed as a quintrilogy (should be pentalogy)

Diary of the Dead takes the great concept of a video diary watching how the zombie apocalypse takes over. very similar to Cloverfield, I guess its like Platoon/Full Metal Jacket. Two distinct films, produced separately but covering similar concepts.

Anyone slightly disappointed with Land of the Dead will probably be pleased that the proposed sequel of following the Battle-Bus has not happened. Watch the trailer and see just how fresh this film looks.

Trailer is here

Just to namedrop, George A Romero is one of my favourite interviews. One of those perks of meeting your heroes and passing the test. He seems wary at first , but if you show you know about the zombie stuff he warms up and its almost like being invited into an exclusive club.
The illustration above is from the LAnd of the Dead spread from a few years back.

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