Sunday, January 13, 2008

Middle aged & sounding hotter than ever

Just reminded on Danny Baker's wonderful Radio London show that the Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows is now 42 years old.
Somehow it still sounds like it was created a year from now.

The track was a true awakening for me. My first 3 cds bought were KLF: White Room, EMF: Schubert Dip and Beatles Revolver.
Yes the Beatles was nice beatlesy stuff. I think I got it for Eleanor Rigby. Then the last track came on.
To sound like some hippie, it was mind blowing. How had this track kept hidden for so long. Nobody ever talked about it. It was over-shadowed by Strawberry Fields and Revolution 9 for Fab Four experimentation.

Go Listen to it. Tell me it isnt the most advanced track you ever heard in your life. I dare ya.
The Chemical brothers (under the guise of Dust Brothers from back in the day mixed it in to their essential selection turning the intro into such a crsendo of a crowd pleaser you wonder why more Djs dont try to use it.

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