Sunday, June 27, 2010


Another day, another go at a possibly great footballer. Well no. Kaka is amazing. Nice guy too. Very little of the theatrics you'd associate with S American football.
Below is the line work. This was all done in Photoshop. The inking style was initially going to be ALex Maleev style but ended up going for more of a Lark or Epting. Something that really doesn't come out once the colour is done underneath.
After the success my portrait of Landon Donovan gave the US, I'm sorry if its an early exit for you Brazil.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

JimmyZilla, Jimmy With the Dragon Tattoo

More of my favourite muse for bookmarks for the missus' library

Take a wild guess which book the first one was for...

ALIAS merchandise?

Rewatching JJ Abrams excellent Alias at the moment, but won't venture into season 5 because it utterly superfluous to requirement*.
Anyway, my favourie character is Jack Bristow, the nice guy more than willing to kill, maim or whatever in cold blood. My girlfriend asked for a bookmark, something with a bear just as I was scribbling a cartoon of Jack.
She didn't like it. Ah well.

*I have always held a theory that They set everything to wrap up for S4, being told after low ratings for the slower S3, 4 would be it.
But then S4 put the jets back on, more people watched and they found themselves lumped with an extra season, no story left to tell, and the two leads having messily broken up after a romance, plus Jennifer Garner pregnant and unable to do much. In all, an inglorious mess, and a poor way to end.

Doctor Who birthday card

Just did this for my brother. Been meaning to draw the excellent Matt Smith as the Doctor for ages. Just scribbled in pencil, then a dash of colourishness in pshop

Oh yeah. Finale tonight
Here's the B/W version

Landon Calling

Have to confess, it's more of a work thing than a hope the USA go through. When the profiles were being chosen, had to choose Donovan because of the uniform. Just had this idea to play with the sash and make him into some superbeing.

Here it is in full without text

Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup Bouncers

A quickie illustration that was published today. The story was something about how the South American teams were being less strict about wives, girlfriends and booze than the European teams.
From the evidence of the match against Algeria, England need to get hammered and laid ASAP

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Torres

Part of an exclusive poster for The World Cup
. This was joined by many other better illustrations by my colleagues