Saturday, February 2, 2008

SeaStars and Starfish Stories

It's always nice to have your work thought of as good enough for someone else to use.
So it was pretty cool when Ivan Chew (one half of local duo Starfish Stories) asked me to do the cover for their album.

The background is an actual shot of the cosmos, the dolphin was painted directly in photoshop using various types of added brushes. (thats why I'd be usless at teaching this stuff. My process is still randomness over design)

Anyway, Check out their blog
where you can also download the album and give them your support

And here, as an added bonus is the dolphin, solo


Ivan Chew said...

It's also pretty cool when an artist (of your caliber) contributes time and effort to help two amateur musicians. Hope our music justifies your artwork, Jon. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon, the design was fabulous. The dolphin is just unbelievably surreal. Its got character. I am no pro at this but I really like it. Thanks for the artwork. Adrian