Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Is 'Epic' french for crap?
Its stunning that for all the anti-piracy ads "You wouldnt steal a handbag" etc they show at the cinemas, this film gets through.
It is theft. Daylight robbery.
Spoofing 'serious' films like Harry Potter, X-Men, Narnia etc (okay, not serious but theyre not comedys) is fine. Fair target.
But this film and its predecessor Date Movie spoof comedy films.
I dont get it. Either the makers are idiots or they're just riding on someone elses material.
They watch other comedy acts and say "Nice joke, I'll take that". But in the case of a Character like Napoleon Dynamite or Borat, they just rip it off wholesale.
Having someone come in, dress like Borat and do Borat's catchphrases is ripping off Sacha Cohen's work.
Then theres trying to make fun of comedy characters.

80's TV was full of impressionists who did impressions of other comedy characters, repeated their jokes and built careers out of it. It was crap then and its crap now.

Stop piracy now. (There should be some techno industrial music around that. Just imagine it)

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