Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can't Stand it, I know you Planned it...

You probably cant tell from the picture, but thats the Beastie Boys playing at Fort Canning.
Yet another 'To Do' item is crossed off the list. Life is good.

Things you cant tell from the photo.
They came on in Ska/Rude boy outfits
Mike D's (doing a handstand on keyboards) hair is real big. Hasslehoff style.
Theyre playing Sabotage.

Lots of white people shouldnt dance. Certainly not pretend theyre in some rap video while doing it.
Bad Dancing should be about laughing and falling over, not PDiddy impressions. Then again, he cant dance either.

I shall start dance-police to stop this scourge. It shall be stopped via either a friendly hand-on-the-shoulder quiet word in the ear to the preferable full-on baton charge and tear gas.

Me? I am, of course the greatest dancer. And I rock the dancefloor (or grass) everytime
Thats by the by.

The Beastie Boys in Singapore. Yes. Mile-wide smiles all round.

1 comment:

girlfriend said...

am glad you enjoyed yourself though i've never really seen you dance the last 3 years