Friday, July 6, 2007

Cloverfield = Gojira

Can you tell what it is yet?

The hottest trailer in ze vurld right now. Just now here. It plays before Transformers in more American parts of the world.
Home movie of a surprise party is interrupted by some very load howling.
Guest run to the roof and see downtown Manhatten explode in an expanding fireball. Everyone panics and runs to the street. They here the roar again and some stuff fly into the sky. One piece of debris heads straight for them, ricochets off a skyscraper and smacks into the street. The debris? The head of the Statue Of Liberty.
No title, just a card to say a JJ Abrams production and the date. 01/18/08 which is American for 18th Januray next year.

These images come from the naughty version that someone secretly filmed inside a cinema.
Nothing about this film seems official.

What has become clear is that it is being filmed under the name Cloverfield.
Rumour as it that it will be filmed in the camcorder/Blair Witch style.
IF this film turns out not to be a new version of Godzilla, I will be very surprised.
Everything fits for it to be, even down to the almost too innocuous dummy headline.
Fake titles are nothing new. Return Of The Jedi was filmed under the title Blue Harvest for secrecy

Reasons that it is Godzilla?
(1)Its New York.
(2)Theres a huge howling very much in the Jurassic Park T Rex style.
(3)What could be more in the classic Godzilla bad-tempered property damage style that chucking the head of ol Lady Liberty herself.
(4)Time has healed. Not for depicting attacks on New York, but for the travesty of the last attempt at Godzilla to have been forgotten/forgiven so that the public will be ready for a new take.

Here's some maths to explain

The only downside is that the 90s version of Godzilla had the best trailers possibly in the history of cinema.
Will this follow suit

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