Monday, July 2, 2007

Doctor Who

This image of my personalised Tardis is to signify the end of Season 3.
By all accounts the DW ratings juggernaut contiues to steamroller UK TV. Soon the world too if the UK hype has any basis.
Good news really. David Tennant looks to be the best Doctor, depending on your age, after Tom Baker, or indeed, ever.
But how did this season go?


One of the best assistants with Freema Agyeman as Dr Martha Jones
Finally an assistant who out and out fancies the Doctor. Quite refreshing rather than the usual platonics.
She was also the strongest, less simpering assistant, possibly ever. That includes the men.

The second half of the season had some of the best episodes yet.
Standout episode being Blink by Stephen Moffat.
A genius episode, not least because it barely featured the Doctor,
You didnt know what was going to happen, you werent three steps ahead of the plot, and like the bst time travel stories, left you marvelling at the concepts of the plot.
A great Who episode. No huge effects but stunning villains in creepy angel statues.

Derek Jacobi as the Master. He later regenerated into John Simm, but his chracter change from a gentle scatty professor to a stone cold villain was something else.

Captain Jack is the Face Of Boe!! Which if they ever get round to how the buff american gets to become a giant scaly head in a jar over the course of a few million millennia , would be pretty cool.

Not too much but the Daleks episode turned out to be a real clunker.
In fact a few f the first half episodes were not wondrful.

13 episodes a series? That means that after 3 years theres 1.5 american seasons.
Its been proven that Who doesn't need huge sets. They really need to expand, because this season was only just getting going.

We need to see more of the Tardis interior. Its meant to be vast labyrinthe. This one room deal is too much like the Peter Cushing film version.

Too much sonic screwdriver. Too handy for the writers to solve any situation

Can't wait to see why the Titanic crashed through the Tardis wall this Christmas.

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