Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Doctor Who pt 3

For what its worth, the last installment of the Doctor Who bonanza

My Wishlist for Season4

Bloke assistant:
I was joking on a forum that the new assistant should be a bloke-Total couch potato, more interested in Xbox than seeing the birth of an universe. possibly the Doic goes back for Sally Sparrow from BLINK, but somehow ends up with the DVD guy. Failing that they should get Nick Frost in.

Then I figured that less comically done it could be a welcome change. Someone less impressed by the Doc but unable to leave. Basis for great buddy movies.

And hopefully whoiever they get doesnt need to go through the whole "Gosh its bigger on the inside than blah blah blah" routine

More Tardis:

RTD should start saving those budget pennies by doing some earthbound stuff and put it into Tardis sets.
At least One episode set running around the Tardis. Maybe pop past the old control rooms?

More episodes per season:
Frankly, it was just getting going. People arrive and leave too quickly. Martha's off already. The Simm Master's shot his load and the daleks have been used only a few times and its overload.
If they cant stretch to american style seasons they should stop pretending thats what theyre working with.
The series has been established, play a longer game.

New baddies:
No more Daleks, Cybermen and the Master can take a break for a season too. (When he does return it should be as an ongoing foe. Single episode running battles.) But plenty of new villains to be had out there. Or old ones even.

Sonic Screwed:
Enough of the be all and end all device. Dont have to lose it but its just too handy. For the writers and the Doctor.

Like what the Doctor did to the Family of Blood. Lets see him get stone cold with the bad guys again. but not too much

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