Monday, July 30, 2007

Mike Reid has died

Sad to hear. I'll never thought much of his stand-up but as an actor, he was one of the best on TV. Frank Butcher was one of the great creations of British TV. He could do the drama, (the epic Roy, Peggy, Pat, Frank quadrangle. as well as coming up with the oddest insults. Quite often, we would bellow "Turn It In" the immortal "doughnut" and the timeless "What am I? Some kind of pilchard?"

Before I left for Singapore he left Eastenders.
But both times I've been back, saw the return of Frank Butcher to the show.
The last time I went back home, he returned to Eastenders just for a couple of shows. Then , earlier this year, I had to review Eastenders which was launching on theBBC cable channel here. It was those self-same the Frank Butcher episodes.
Yeah. Not quite the Twilight Zone.

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