Thursday, July 5, 2007

Smoking ban

Yes smoking is cool.
Smoking is also incredibly stupid.
If what was sold in a pack of cigarettes was just pure tobacco, then fine.
But it isnt. Look at the chemicals put into a cigarette, then look what they are also used for.
To willingly inhale smoke is bad for you anyway, but enhanced with toxin smoke is utterly stupid.Don't winge when someone says not to inflict it on other people.
Singapore gets its own indoor smoking ban soon.
The funny thing is that reports from UK, New Zealand and Ireland who have their bans in place
already is just what a smokeless bar smells like.
Chairs now smell of stale sweat, vomit odour lingers longer and the air is alive with the stench of toilets

The image at the top is a slight return for my Niven's Own; Classy fags concept. I actually made myself a Nivens own pack that lasted until a year or two back. There will be more

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