Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That thing that follows me everywhere

Black dog, head monster, storm cloud. Whatever you call it. Just cant escape it today


Ivan Chew said...

Hi Jon, Priscilla sent me over here. And I'm glad she did. Love your illustrations. Especially this one. Cheers.

Jon Rob said...

Thanks very much Ivan. My updating has slowed drastically. I blame the ol' facebook :)

Ivan Chew said...

Facebook addiction will pass... I think. Heh. Re-reading my comment, I guess I should elaborate on why I like this particular piece.

Is it watercolour pencils? Anyway, first thing it reminded me was "comic book". Seemed like there should be more than just this one piece (one's not enough!). For some reason, "Batman" came to mind (maybe it's the pointy stuff of the shadow monster). Time permitting, this really should be developed into a Children's Story.