Saturday, January 24, 2009

The dark side of Hong Kong Phooey

Another office draw-off - The Dark Side of Hanna-Barbera. Always like Hong Kong Phooey when I was a kid so gave him a Shaw Brothers maniac style. You might also notice Snagglepuss who was caught in the frenzy and exited this mortal coil (stage left, even).
And here's the B/W and individual colour piece also

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I am the founder of a blog on Hong Kong: It's about HK, but stories are typically a bit more raw, cheeky and slightly offensive compared to the usual stuff that is being written about that town.

Me and my team were really impressed with your Hong Kong Phooey drawing and were wondering if we would be allowed to use it in the design of our blog. Pls drop me an email at for your answer. In exchange we can link back to your blog for example or provide you with some other form of credit. Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you.