Monday, January 19, 2009

Jim Mahfood and his excellent blog (Best thing I've read in ages)

I've been following Jim Mahfood's stuff for some time now. His style is a semi-graffiti, has a hell of an energy to it and just keeps developing into something better. He produces huge swathes of graf/scribble style comics and artwork. 
But it all looks so effortless. Like there isnt a mis-placed stroke. Its random but a skilled random.
I read his blog on a regular basis, but his latest entry really struck a cord.
His diary strip Los Angeles Ink Stains #6 shows just how good the comics medium can be. Too often comics are fantastical stories about fantasy beings. This is just about his friend that he grew up with.
Read it. Its pretty affecting stuff for a cartoon and the 5th panel on the second page hit me like a brick to the face.
Yeah. Go read it now. Put it this way... A B/W two page free comic on the internet has proved a better read than most paper comics over the past two or so years.

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