Friday, February 13, 2009

Batman 3 redone...

Almost screwed this one up. Not the art but just the timing. Almost busted a deadline. Thank the Lord for vector illustrations. You may welll recognise the batman from a couple of posts down. Yep, Adobe illustrator saved my bacon.
Batman 3 rumours and speculation. Came out just intime to catch Christopher Nolan revealing that he'll be working on Inception, sci-fi film coming out in 2010. That means absolutely no Batman till 2011 at the earliest.
Anyway the piece was about that, the realism of Batman begins and Dark Knight (which i cant help pronouncing Kiniggit, like the knights that say Ni) preventing a super crossover, and finally, specualtion over the prime roles.
Thanks to a previous version not saving properly this, along with the text which can be found at the TNP website, became literally all in a days work.
See if you can guess who's who. The clue is, I've met one of them

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