Friday, March 20, 2009

SuperGorilla again

Been a really odd day. Left work last night at midnight to see Priscilla. Then leave the house at 4am to work on the GRAND OPTICAL ILLUSION. 7am race back across the road to wake Priscilla and make sure she gets off to the airport. 9am back across the road to complete the GRAND OPTICAL ILLUSION. 12pm back home for the old SS&S, well the first S anyway.
2pm Back into work for the real shift. Zoning out looking up facts about the Pickens plan and start scribbling Gorillas in my Moleskine (Hemingway I know. Picasso I know. Who hell Chatwin?) using my Derwent Onyx. Frankly not as dark as Cretacolor watercolour graphite. Anyway. Have this thing at the moment of putting the Superman regalia on Gorillas. No reason other than they really suit each other in my eyes. Enjoy.

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