Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scribble on the TV feat Angelina Jolie

Sat in front of the telly, a pack of postcards, 4b pencil and a marker.

Hackers, still a great teen movie, a great intro to the sheer hotness of Angelina Jolie.
The computer effects do date it terribly. More than the 3.5" floppy discs and dial up modems. But hey, Angelina Jolie...

Bad Day at Black Rock. Not seen it for years, and for the first time in widescreen. It is something spectacular. Really. Its a short film but so perfectly realised. A solid start, middle and finish. A powerful mix of Noir, western, what would now be called Lynchian take on small town values, exploitation and of course, the first western hero to use martial arts in a film.
Very, very cool and highly recommended

and finally, a cross between Mickey Mouse and Batman for no reason.


sonny badwind said...

Return of the revenge of Bat-Mouse-Man!

Jon Rob said...

Batman 3 is coming up. Time for a change in direction?