Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flattering if self regarding nonsense

Well what do you expect. It's a blog after all.

Sooooo, an old friend recently posted on Facebook totally out of the blue, that he was after 14 years, going to put some postcards I painted for his 21st into a frame.
And he posted the link to the pics he had scanned at hi-res.
I was genuinely honoured and flattered. Not only that he kept them, but to frame them as well.
It was also great to see them again, not only because two of them I disctincly remember creating but time and my crap memory put paid to knowing what av=ctually happened t them.So great to see them again.
I think the theme going off the tag on the bottom left of the frame was a riff on an advert that was on at the time. The ad was for lord know what, but was definitley serious pofaced and probably soundtracked by something like the awful M-Peoples "Search For The Hero Inside Yourself". (Okay, having just written that I just searched youtube and it is indeed that song and the ad that inspired my cards.Click here for evidence)

Anyway. Here's the art. And thank you Ben. It was and is a pleasure.

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priscilla said...

I want something like that for my next Birthday too! :p