Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Angry footballer

This was for a piece about footballer's protests.
Interesting where this has got to. Goal celebrations with a message. It's one thing when Robbie Fowler lifted his jersey to reveal a tshirt branded with his support of Liverpool Dockers – possibly the most noble goal celebration ever, better than snorting the goal-line.
But Tim Cahll cuffs sign is all about his imprisoned brother.
Its not quite up there with Paulo DiCanio's fascist salute for sheer insanity, Not exactly politicised like thos players who wave Iraeli or Palestinian flags at international matches. Nor is it as innocently stupid as Gazza inciting the catholic Celtic supporters with his potentially incendiary Protestant pipe celebration in 98. Innocent because someone told him to do it, and not aware of the associations went and insulted not jus Celtic supporters, but the iRA too.

So Cahill's handcuffs. They were a sign for his older brother, currently serving 6 six years for violent assault, an assault that left the victim partially blinded in one eye. Cahill claims its just to show his brother he's thinking of him. Aw, bless. Dont why he just cant tell him later rather than upset the family and friends of the victim with a gesture that some how glorifies his brother.
Doesn't really help that part of the celebretion also included Cahill running to the corner flag and punching it several times. Do you see why people have gotten upset Tim?

In other news....Kinda liked the illustration. This is different to the published version what with the special black back. Special I tells ya.

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