Thursday, March 20, 2008

Philip Jones Griffiths RIP

A welsh photographer who produced some stunning images of global conflict.
I've been getting into photography again and saw Jones work a while back. It did everything a photographer in that situation should produce – arresting images so arresting you can look at them for an age, yet so powerful you never forget just what hellish situation they are depicting. They make you think

Being there to capture that image. Take this one from the US invasion of Grenada

A kid and his football innocently playing while seemingly being stalked by a US tank. Innocent yet sinister. Obvious yet open to many interpretations

His most famous work was from Vietnam and you are urged to seek out his book Vietnam Inc. Pictures that are as gorgeous as they are horrifying. Badly wounded civilians given body tags. There are also pictures that just show the day to day life of a GI.

He also returned a few years back to produce Vietnam At Peace to document just how the country had changed
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