Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LOCKE returns

Second Lost post in as many days, but with a spare moment I decided to colour my previous scribble.

SO given the extra LOST celebration here's what would be be lovely to be solved
What is the smoke monster?
What was with the food drops and why have they stopped?(though I think that has to do with the islands time/space skipping that brought Ecko's brother's plane and the Black Rock)
Who was/is Libby? Why was she in hospital with Hurley. Why did she give Desmond the boat ?
How did they get Locke's dad to the Island?
Jack's dad. Christian Shepard's connection. Is it him or an island creation?
Who/what hell is Jacob?
Russo's story. I'm guessing she was mind-wiped. But what's the real deal. Is her story of the team gone mad real?
What happened to the stewardess and the kids? And all the Others that made like the Pied Piper and went into the mountain.
Who built the four toed statues

I was going to ask what is Widmore's fascination with the Black Rock. Then it all came together. Sun confronted him and said they both wanted to get back to the Island. He's been there, and I reckon that he was one of the English/Aussie soldiers from episode 5.1 that threatened to cut Juliet's arm off.
I have some days off after tomorrow. I plan to watch every episode of Lost to date. Not the webisodes, that would, of course, be too geeky.

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