Monday, January 26, 2009

LOST returns

These scribbles were done in pen in a new art pad I received from Barcelona.
Trying to do more straight to the pad pen work

Anyway, Mr Locke and Smokey (not a floating turd despite looks) is in honour of Lost returning for a 5th season.
It's been an up and down ride with Lost.
The first season started with one of the greatest openings in TV history and pull off more OMG and WTF twists than an armada of Shamalayans could ever hope to. In fact it was a great season finishing off with a cliffhanger that spurred so many fansites spewing speculation
Then the second got a bit stuck in the bunker, but it pulled through. Three was a bit poor taking too long to do enough. I was close to leaving it alone. It was, in a word, boring. Too boring for what I'd come to expect. I was hoping that season 4 was going to be its last, just to get to a conclusion. I was right at the time. It was floundering, but to the producers credit, they turned it around.
But last season (4) was back to strong, twisting, sandwich dropping, tea spraying form.
It's amazing just how far the story has come. For all the cries of "more questions than answers" Lost has grown into a creature of a tale that is now just a pleasure to watch it unfold.
In the great 'tradition' of Lost season openers, the show started with a bit of music. We had the wondrous "Make your own kind of music" by Mama Cass, the cheesy "Downtown" by Petula Clark, And now Shotgun Willie by Wilie Nelson. As itstarted skipping in the episode (just like time), check out the Ear Junk box to the right and listen to it there.

Lost is better than ever and some of the boldest popular television theres ever been. Kinda don't want it to end now.

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