Friday, February 6, 2009

Why so serious about Batman and Bale

This week Christian Bale got in the news for getting very angry at a guy who was ruining the scene he was in. Bale is often portrayed as very intense, very method about his work.
Yeah, well if more people took their work seriously then the world would be wonderful. Bale does take it a bit further than is probably good for everyone but I kinda admiore the dedication.
When I (get ready for the clang) interviewed Mr Bale for Batman Begins he was a laid back personable chap. Able to take a joke, have a laugh etc etc. But it was also clear he takes his work seriously, like how he keeps up whatever accent he's doing on and off the set (his rant does fluctuate accents wildly like Richard Harris at the end of his scenes in Unforgiven).
Anyway, in related news I'm working on a piece about what next for Batman 3 (or Dark Knight 2 if you like) and what villain will Christopher Nolan, if its him taking the reigns, will go for.
And that's the reason for today's scribble.
Here it is again with an outline... No reason, just scribbling.

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