Saturday, April 11, 2009

DC comics don't want you if you're not local

Brilliant insight from Marc-Oliver Frisch at The Beat as to why so many comics suck
DC Comics is simply not interested in selling its comics to people who don’t already read them.

I’m not making this up. DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio says so, all the time and on the record. Asked in a recent Newsarama piece why his DC Universe imprint doesn’t publish more low-priced entry-level comics, DiDio says:

“When we’re working with pre-existing characters and properties as we do in the DC Universe, people are mostly predisposed and understand who our characters are, so the idea of a wider sampling at a lower price isn’t nearly as necessary as it is with Vertigo.”

The logical conclusion, evidently, is to sometimes publish low-priced comics, but make absolutely sure that they are impenetrable to the general public, lest anyone not among the predisposed might be accidentally seduced into buying a Superman comic.

Full listing of DC's sales here

You wonder how these people stay in business

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