Monday, April 13, 2009

Dr Sketchy Singapore

I can't believe I haven't put this up already.
A random spotting on Facebook pointed me to the dream group.
Now seeing as the Drink And Draw society died off because of it being impossible to organise around work (other than the odd spontaneous sesh).
Anyway, found this Dr Sketchy club. Genius idea. Get a model to pose. Evryone does lots of drawing. Drinks and games.
So along I went, late, as ever. It was brilliant. This was the second Dr Sketchy, my first, the model was Tami, who was just WOW. Especially when she did the upside down pose for 10 MINUTES.
Oh yeah. I won one of the competitions and got sent to pose with Tami. Yeah lifes tough. Though I realise how tough sitting still for 5 mins so I have no idea how Tami held her poses for so long.
Here's the reults:

And here's a link to the Dr Sketchy blog and footage of my brief moment in the limelight

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